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  • Night of the Arts concert True Colors Thurs 17/8 2023 at 19 and 21 in Helsinki
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  • All info about my voice coaching and singing lessons can be found on Laulukulma’s website: www.laulukulma.fi

  • How can a singer benefit from the psychophysical approach to singing? In my Master's thesis I studied applying body awareness methods in vocal training. Read more about the research project »

  • Read about the Thesis »

    image Biography - Voice teacher

    Singing teacher

    I've taught singing over 15 years. I currently work in the Helsinki area and give one-on-one lessons as well as teach groups. I work with two choirs - Cantabile choir and Ahjo Ensemble as their voice coach. I am a member of the Finnish singing teacher association.

    Individual learning

    As a singing teacher the individuality of each student's process in developing their voice is important to me. Everyone of us has a unique voice, as well as an individual way of learning. My aim as a pedagogue is to support the student in finding their own voice and improving their singing skills in a way suitable for them. I've taught choir singers, professional musicians, teachers, as well as adults who have problems in singing in tune.

    Psychophysical approach

    I find the body awareness approach useful for singers and apply this in my teaching. I have written my Master's thesis on the importance of the mind-body connection in singing and the benefits of the psychophysical approach to the creative process and performance skills.

    Other interests

    Besides the music education, I have done cinema studies and written my Master's thesis about sound and soundscapes in film.

    Research Project
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