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  • 5/4 2020 Hyvinkää Orchestra Palm Sunday concert, J.S. Bach Magnificat. Read more

  • All info about my voice coaching and singing lessons can be found on Laulukulma’s website: www.laulukulma.fi

  • How can a singer benefit from the psychophysical approach to singing? In my Master's thesis I studied applying body awareness methods in vocal training. Read more about the research project »

  • Read about the Thesis »

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    The Finnish soprano Hanna Lammi is a versatile vocalist based in Helsinki.

    As a singer she specializes in Lieder and Scandinavian music. She has sung a lot of contemporary music as well as baroque repertoire. She gives recitals regularly in Finland and the Nordic countries, has sung opera roles and performed in oratorio productions. She works also actively as a professional choir singer singing in several ensembles in Finland.

    As a voice coach and pedagogue she specializes in body awareness methods in vocal training. She gives individual voice lessons and works with choirs and groups in the Helsinki area.
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